• September 2015

    Once again autumn beckons a cooler breeze to our corner of Blackmore End but luckily we are still enjoying some end of season colour in the courtyard. There are plenty of vegetables flourishing – for us, and the ladybirds! Our growing season started with delicious Jersey Royal potatoes and moved on to plenty of red and white chard, French beans, beetroot and salad leaves. Celeriac and autumn broad beans are greedily awaited!

    Our next entry will continue the autumn theme with news of the annual autumn mailer for our long-standing clients Grey Flannel.

  • May 2015

    Spring has finally arrived and around East Barn flowers are coming into bloom, from the planted pots that border the inner courtyard to the hedgerow outside the studio. White dominates, in all its achromatic shades.

  • November 2014

    Following from the changes bought about by a time change, we all experience a light change and have lots of different ways of dealing with the more interesting areas of our homes and environments. There is lighting for parties, lighting for reading, lighting for romance, lighting outdoors, uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting, work lighting diffused lighting and coloured lighting.

    Most of the categories are seen in the buildings at East Barn and we must generally wait for winter till we can see our lighting working as we thought it should.

    We love lighting!

  • October 2014

    Time and its inevitable changes are the excuse for our images for October and November. The clocks went back, the night went black and all of our timepieces took on the monochrome of winter. In a trice we shall spring forward and our images will reflect on that!

  • September 2014

    In the early months of Autumn and Winter Farmers and their amateur imitators think of the growing year that has passed and look at their achievements. In our part of the world the Grain Harvest has yielded extremely well (pity about the low prices) after a traumatic beginning to the growing season.

    Our own efforts have also yielded great vegetable results and our colleagues have had plenty of green vegetables to take home!

    So that our efforts are not the only hero in the Garden, Barry has collected seed packets of an earlier era. They show produce in the soft, romantic illustration style of old lithography and remind us that this cycle of growing continues in much the same way as it has for generations. Bravo Gardener's World!

  • July & August 2014

    A cloudy, sunny, cloudy day in Kingston Lacey, Dorset. Somewhere for lunch, lots to look at, grounds to play in, people to watch. Parties, rides round the gardens, everything kept so well. What's that Brand? National Trust of course! Perfectly busy in August

    Ice cream, chips, amusements, sandy beach. A sunny, breezy day in Clacton. The Pier, the band, sand castles and then… roaring, spinning, falling, recovering, entertaining Aeroplanes. Some now twisting, diving, trailing smoke and climbing high above a mesmerised crowd of bemused holiday makers and aircraft fanatics.

    And then they come. Not one but two WWII Lancaster Bombers with their Merlin engines and camouflage, supported by two classic fighters – Spitfire and Hurricane. They fly past regally, tight together and evoke a period where Brands like Super-marine, Hawker, De Havilland, Bolton Paul were bound together in one – Great Britain. Icons from the past expecting this to continue in the future.

  • June 2014

    Here at Pocknell Studio we have been trooping through Europe, namely Crete and Spain so for this month’s Journal we are celebrating our own Trooping the Colour with vibrant holiday snaps. Barry Lowenhoff and his family recently visited the island of Crete, staying near a small hillside village just south east of Rethymno on the north side of the island.

    Crete is notable as the southern most land mass belonging to Europe and is even nearer to the equator than parts of North Africa. The Greeks believe the very best Olive Oil comes from Crete and on the west side of the island many of the olive trees date back several hundred years. In Greece today, olive oil is almost sacred. The Greek people are the world’s biggest per capita consumers of olive oil: the national average consumption varies from 18 litres to over 30 litres per person; the higher consumption certainly belongs to the people of Crete where annual per person consumption averaged 31 litres, according to a 1996 study.

    Beautiful bougainvillea, blue skies and geraniums can all to be seen. What a wonderful way to rejuvenate the creative mind.

    Mark Homer and family spent a weekend city trip to meet up with his daughter's friend, working in Barcelona.

    Culturally, Barcelona is probably best known for the buildings of architect Antoni Gaudi, especially his yet to be completed masterpiece the basilica Sagrada Familia. But like many cities it is one of ‘layers’ – layers that stimulate the senses. One such stimulation is colour – whether in the array of Catalan national flags of yellow and red that adorn the buildings or the intensity of the weekly firework display at Font Magica. Walk any street or alley and shops and markets full of colourful merchandise come into focus. Food and drink plays its part too. A local, intense pink Rose from the Ampurdan plain and colourful seafood tapas would complete any day in Barcelona.

  • May 2014

    Welcome to the Pocknell Studio news Journal. Each month we will be looking at life in and around the studio at East Barn: work, news, people, places and events.

    This month is about the colour Yellow.

    We frequently use bright or primary colours in our work to add a sharp contrast to our often simple natural materials chosen to work with the palette of more neutral colours found in the renovation of Old and Agricultural buildings. Yellow is a favourite!

    You can see yellow at work in some of our projects; front doors at East Barn and Saling Barn, a kitchen unit at Stisted Cottage Farm and staircase storage at Park Lane.